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He pursued his [way], and a few steps further on heard the voices of a band of Swabian robbers who wasted the country.

He did not see them; but he thanked God for having preserved him from the maw of the wolf and the less merciful hand of man.

One day, while he wandered in the depths of the wood, bearing a volume of Holy Scripture on his shoulder, and meditating whether the ferocity o beasts was not better than the rage of men, he saw a dozen wolves surround him.

He remained motionless, repeating the words, "Deus in adjutorium." The wolves smelt his garments, and passed on their way without molesting him.

Of the precise date of his birth we are not informed.According to some accounts it was about 559, but according to others it was several years earlier.He received a good classical education, and resolved early to embrace an ascetic life.Arriving, in the course of his apostolic wanderings, in Burgundy, he was received there by King Gontram, of all the grandsons of Clovis the one whose life appears to have been least blamable, and who had most sympathy with the monks. Fearing that he would leave them, Gontram offered him the ancient Roman castle of Annegray, now in the commune of Faucogney (Haute Saone).He lived there the simplest life with his companions, on the bark of trees, the wild herbs, the bilberries in the firwoods, and whatever the neighbors would give, out of charity.

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