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Originally it was meant to be a protection against the government if it should ever start to abuse its powers. I live in Massachusetts where gun control is very strict (similar to Euro rules) but many states are different.

Its difficult to change anything in our constitution and we have never touched the BOR. For some reason Americans are afraid of Alcohol and for some reason Europeans are afraid of Guns.

One quick note on the war mongering: I think this is a huge misconception, but I can see where it comes from for 3 reasons. The US is always involved in armed conflicts, all over the world, because we have somehow been given the world police status (probably because of the Cold War). It is an underlying thing in America not to back down and we do glorify standing up to bullies and going against the grain. Currently we have a government that has completely botched our Global image by engaging in an incredibly unnecessary war and conducting it poorly.

Its hard to argue with a grieving mother who is part of the MAAD organization. Or, basically, Germans are very straight edge and serious.And while there were lots of great German scientists per WWII, all of that antisemitism during the War drove most of the good scientists out…I took a German class recently, and any time there was an implied criticism of Germans in history the professor was always quick to come up with a counterexample…This makes for great defense for anybody who wants to own a gun and the government is restricting them. Neither of these things are dangerous when used responsibly by free people.This is one of the rare rigid points in our Constitution where there is little wiggle room, mostly things were stated to allow for societal and technological changes. The only time i get concerned about some else’s drinking is if they are driving down the road endangering others. Hard to argue with the systemic murder of 6,000,000 European Jews.

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“Americans are big on standing up to bullies”–I never really thought about it that way, but I guess you are correct. the item about sex and violence is a good one, and its one that’s tough for liberal people to put up with. This is easy: - In Germany, the other writers are correct: the sense of humor is real weak.

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