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But no, you know, there are various things to do to come back into a racing car at this level, a car that is extremely different from the car that he's been driving six or seven years ago, as well the car that he drove in the test that he has done in Le Castellet, which was a car from 2012, much lighter, less downforce.

I think there are periods of stellar drivers that seem to come through the sport.

CA: Deciding on Robert is deciding our line-up the second part of our line-up for next year.

It's well reported that Nico has a multi-year contract when Jo has a one-year contract.

You are telling is that you have some questions with no answers yet. And after the Budapest test – 142 laps in the heat and the lap times he did – he seems to be ready, no?

CA: Well, obviously we have access to some information that the public, the media don't have access to and I feel that is privy information to the team and Robert and I would not want to speak without his control.

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