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Still, there was much about him that made her uncomfortable.On the way to that first concert, Stills asked her what her birthday was.“When I heard about it, the story didn’t surprise me,” she writes, “because Stephen was always about drama.” As she and Nash, whom she considers “as sweet as any human being I’ve ever met,” fell into a relationship, Nash thought they should clear the air with Stills.Nash and Coolidge approached Stills’ home, and Stills was standing outside.Instead, Stills had told Nash that Coolidge called to cancel on him.“I put this all together and realized what a sneaky little bugger Stephen was,” she writes, “and that I really didn’t want to see him anymore.” She began dating Nash, and soon after, Stills scrawled “Love Rita” on the bathroom mirror of a motel he was staying at and took a handful of pills, winding up in the hospital.Raised in Kentucky and Tennessee, Coolidge could “sing before she could talk,” and nurtured her talent in church at her Baptist minister father’s services. G.’s fame, who wound up marrying her sister, Priscilla.She had a keen sense of pride in her Cherokee heritage: Her father was Cherokee and her mother Cherokee-Scottish, and, she writes, her ancestors were forced to walk the Trail of Tears in the 1830s. It was in Memphis that she met singers Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett, and musician Leon Russell. Russell wrote both Joe Cocker’s 1969 hit, “Delta Lady,” and his own “A Song For You,” about Coolidge.

Coolidge was unsure if it was a date or just a friendly invite and “was too shy to clarify.” She accepted, and Nash, then staying in Stills’ home, told her to call the next day to make plans.Nash said, “Stephen, Rita and I want to talk to you about something.” After seeming in thought for a moment, Stills “just came at Graham.” “It was a complete surprise to both of us; he just came out swinging.And Graham, of course, is not a fighter; somebody separated them and pulled Stephen off.” She and Nash dated for over a year, but the fight caused a long-term rift within the band.When she answered that it was May 1, he pulled the car over.Stills had just gotten out of a long, intense relationship with singer Judy Collins. Stills, with the car stopped on the shoulder, “looked at me as if I should have an opinion about this.” She saw Nash at the show that night, but he wouldn’t speak to her.

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