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I’m a big believer in feeling your romantic decisions deep in your core, no matter what they are, no matter who on the outside does/doesn’t understand.

The law of not settling is “f*ck yes or no” to the bare-bones connection you feel with a potential partner. The relationship in question might not always be easy, but the decision to pursue it should be.

You can often repeat the same dating cycles over and over again for years until you exhaust yourself out of the dating market.

Simply put, most modern women don’t “need” a relationship for opportunities, as they might have benefitted from one in the past. But on a personal level, the next time you wonder if you’ve been too picky, ask yourself if you’ve (realistically) broken it off with any commitment-oriented prospects who inspired you.I realized that dating all the wrong men was a barrier to feeling inspired, and I can honestly say those inspired connections are very rare. But the connection modern-day daters are looking for?I firmly believe it’s feeling the endless potential for growth with a single person. Rather than shirk away from our single status, why not think of it as an achievement? The next time someone insists you’re too picky, do what I do: Tell them you prefer “selective.” You have every right to be.Most of us have had at least one spark-filled relationship with an emotionally unavailable partner who didn’t really want to commit. And for every one-date wonder, there’s a person we go on multiple dates with despite a conspicuous absence of something, chemistry, connection — that thing that makes us excited to put down our book or face inclement weather just to see someone. I used to wonder the longest a person ever waited for an emotional blip to magically materialize with their soulmate.My personal cut-off was five dates with the great-on-paper guy, all of which felt just a little bit empty and made me happy to return home alone.

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