Dependency property not updating ui

Let’s say you have a spreadsheet with a cell to rerun.Meteor has a very clever way of achieving this with the minimum amount of reruns.When your page changes at the source, the cache is said to be invalid because it no longer reflects the master and must be repopulated.So when any of a computation’s data sources change, the computation is considered “invalid,” and it must be rerun.It must keep a list of all the computations to rerun if it changes. Many developers will find they are happy with the reactive data sources already at their disposal, so you may not need to create reactive data sources.That said, learning the source’s side of the reactivity contract is easy and worthwhile. A reactive data source is responsible for keeping track of which computations called it.

If you access a reactive data source in a reactive context, the code will rerun in response to changes to that data source.Each computation also has a method is important for cleaning up computations that are no longer needed.The other side of the contract is fulfilled by the data source.When a reactive data source changes, it tells the code that depends on it to rerun.Think mousetraps or dominoes, not a motion detector. When we talk of a reactive context, we are referring to the function that needs to be rerun.

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