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ever since i first watch him in save the last dance until the defendant he is really excellent actor and im always fall in live with him for his good acting! Your full immersion in the role-all this is worthy of respect&admiration. One, would think that he can not act but that is completely the opposite . He can go from comedy to drama so flowlessly; that is uncanny. I love you, I am a fan now, you're the best, please do take care of my Lee Bo Young (I love her from I can hear your voice) and take care of your family. you are meant for each other, I wonder if what could have been if your lawyer in defendant is Atty. You're so extraordinary in defendant, Love you loads ji sung is really gifted in the art of acting....he's acting is superb & full of emotions whether comedy or drama, he gives justice to every role that he played...i've watched most of his drama from all in, save the last dance, new heart, secret, kill me heal me, entertainer (he's so handsome in entertainer), i even watched his movie my ps partner & confession with gwangso....i'm your big fan here, how i wish you can visit your fans here in the philippines....i wanted to see you in person..you get the daesang award this year for defendant...fighting! I don't know I used to watch it everytime nd Your tears let me believe that u cry really. He is such a talented actor and I hope he continues to grow in popularity in the future! Be watching your other projects and be waiting for more to come!! I would give brilliant stars to the actor ji sung and also the writer and the pd director I really don't understand and until today can't get over that they didn't get any award! Then the great korean drama world attracted me.although the dramas focuses mainly on romance.every genre was different and i liked it that way. Keep it up I'll keep an eye out for your other projects after this :) Ji sung oppa, i'm your fans who extremely happy and exited watching your drama in kill me heal me, that drama make me realize that sometimes i'm in that situation..proud for your acting and happy for your decicion to marry such beautiful woman like lee bo young, hope you and your wife happy forever..wait to watch your drama with lee bo young..^_^ i wish that happen... I hope he receives lots of awards for Kill Me, Heal Me, because, let's be honest, who can portray 7 different characters and still be best at it other than Ji Sung? Can't wait to see Yo Sub next week and also his other 4 personalities. You cry real tears so much in that show, and when angry, you really gave it to us. Wow...u such a nice guy ji sung and i love your movies infact i love you so passionately..hurts to know u got married recently.m happy for you u good luck in marriage...

justine keep it up and i hope more project and awards to come? Versatile, has complete mastery over his facial expressions as well as his voice, unique. Hahaha watching defendant and having park jung woo shifts of mood made me remember the other personalities in kmhm like Se gi, perry park, Yona and Yo sub. Believe all your emotions.together with Park Joon Woo cry,laugh,rejoice,go crazy-that's talent means from God. Last formidable acting role and absolutely to recommend drama, "Defendant" One of the two best lead actors of this year. I didn't know Ji Sung until 2017 when I saw his drama DEFENDANT Defendant caught my attention as I glimpse some of the episode and wow the plot and writing was superb and I regretted the day when I decided to watch it for the whole day from Episode 1 - 10 and now I am one of the many fans who wait for Monday to come just to watch this drama before I decided to watch Defendant I search all of his other drama and Heal Me Kill me caught my interest. My tears always run down when ever i see him in missery holding back his rage just to save his child. I always think so like an idiot without understanding it's ur talent. Will definitely be watching more of his dramas because I just can't get enough. I know this is unbelievable but i just finished watching Save The Last Dance in 10/2015 & srsly this man. my obsession started growing like madness.parents were scolding me every now and then but i was not bothered about it. If he doesn't win anything for this drama, I will lose faith in humanity. The plot sounded such a trainwreck on paper but JS and HJE crafted it so perfectly. I love him since Secret and Running man:) I don't know where is his power/charm from? What more can I say but, thank you so much for a job well done. She's also my favorite actress especially when I saw her on My daughter Soyeong..... I love you both i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you so are the best.gomaeooooooooooo for your good acting.i will always love you.i want you to be healty and kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Note: people love's you ot there.like me I love ur films esp great seer and iron king Here in africa, Nigeria to be precised I tink korean films came to the lime light last year with everybody wanting to watch JUMONG.

Ji Sung's acting skills were amazing in Kill Me Heal Me. it 'killed me' to chase all 20 episodes in just 3 days but 'healed me' because it gave me a great insight into people's inner selves. They are some of the best actors I've ever seen and I hope to see them star in another drama together! Ji Sung oppa is the best male actor i've ever seen, i hope that he'll do another drama this year ! I really fell in love with his personalities in Kill Me Heal Me, i can't even start a new drama because i still think of KMHL ! But most of all i LOOOOVE his chemistry with Hwang Jung Eum ! Congrats and we hope like 2013.drama to win the best of 2015. after I found many DAEBAK comments and compare it with Hyun Bin's HJM, I start to watch KMHM and fall deeply in love with his acting. Seriously this guy is putting to shame all those hot korean actors that fangirls keep cheering up as they are the best actors no matter what! His performances in HMKM, no other of these " you are the best oppa! Nobody was expecting nothing from him because everybody was focused, obsessed and blinded-love on these "amazing" eye-candies, sexy-dimpled-hot "best actor" oppas! PUT YOUR OVARRIES ASIDE, OPEN YOUR EYES OBJECTIVILY: Ji Sung is putting to shame our religious fangirling believes....

I go for actors who can look mean but can be gentle and caring. I like jisung in "Secret Love" and i do fall inlove with him in "kill me heal me" because of shin si ge character even cha do hyun ilove him... thank you for working in this drama and making it such an enjoyable experience!! I have been a fan of Ji Sung ever since 'Save the Last Dance for Me'. But over the last few years his face has gone through a drastic transformation - not surgically but he looks like he's lost a ton of weight on his already skinny face, to the point where his cheeks look completely sunken in. I still keep on wondering how he was able to portray 7 different personalities in one drama. I saw young boy in yosub, precocious girl in yona, man/child in segi, gentleman in dohyun. With his jolla accent and demenor, you had me believe that he was father figure for all personalities. Keep up the good word and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. So far i have seen protect the boss,swallow the sun n the great seer. such great acting and now that I am watching this I want to see other works you have done.... hi JI SUNG i discovered you in Protect the boss and now i watched SLD for me , Kim Soo Ro , Royal family , New Heart and i am to the last episodes from Swallow the sun . How lucky is lee boo young to have you in her life. i liked the part where she sacrifices her kid because the mom who raised really loved the kid and it would be difficult for he kid when a random person com and claims her self as his mom even though she was the biological mom. You made me cry in almost all episodes because you were crying. yeeaaaahh,, hehehhehe more power oppa,, and congratulations SOON TO BE FATHER.. :) Ji sung you are the best I first know you from killme ,heal me your acting is so great you are so amazing I loved you so much. Could an actor been so great that I cant sleep kill me heal me is so amazing you did a hell agreat & amazing job love you so much OMG I'm going crazy because of Kill me heal me! Firewall can't stop me watching Kill me heal me everyday. i've watch 5 episode and fall in love with this series, and with Ji Sung too. I know you'll be an amazing father as well and your daughter will be very happy to have a father like you. I remember watching that drama without sleep and food lol... that's not just an act,, and im glad i noticed it.. We wish you the best for you, long, healthy and lovely life, sharing your talent and brightness to the world! ***** \o/ ***** I'm waiting for DVD of KMHM, so frustating because i dont like see it online.. ji sung, i was your fans and extremely addicted to watch your drama "kill me heal me", your the best actor because your acting is amazing and i see you deserve to win the best actor in this year and hope win award daesang too..^_^ I fell in love with Ji Sung when I was watching Protect the Boss.I've interested in the actors and found out Ji Sung remindes me Seun Son Heun who was my favorite then. Bea Hi babe Ji Seong:) Actually, just kidding so please, I better not see any hate notes for me.But I started to watch Swallow the sun because it was translated to my language. Anyway, wanted to say that his first picture on the top makes him so look different, don't know if its just me.

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