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What makes this love-story-turned-to-hate different from so many others, though, isn’t so much the events but the couple involved.

Sadly, retaliation for spurned love happens daily, but it happens to other people, not people like these.

Some of the messages were written to look like the author was Sarah’s ex-husband, who was gravely ill, wishing to expose this double life she was supposedly living before he died.

Others were written to look like confessions from Sarah, claiming she had been having sex with her students, both male and female, for the last 10 years and she was now pleading for forgiveness.

As soon as she stepped in the door at the convention center where it was being held, her eyes met Randy Cope’s.

The two had gone to the Marshall County High School senior prom together back in 1976 but had lost touch after graduation, when Randy entered the Air Force Academy and she attended Murray State University.

But at the reunion, it was as if the years between meant little. A few months later, he moved back to Kentucky so they could be closer.

But none of them truly explains why Randy was willing to give up everything to assassinate the woman he professed to love.Randy’s reaction mixed sadness and anger, heartbreak and outrage, and for the next six months, he refused to let go.He sent flowers to her five days in a row at school. He wrote a Cinderella story about them with two endings and asked her to pick which one she wanted.Over the course of the week, she began to discover the extent of Randy’s revenge.Five other members of her Sunday School class got e-mails, as did coworkers, her pastor, the football coach, acquaintances, even a total stranger.

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