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All features of this app are loaded directly from the Whatsapp Web version, available at https://web.

This Application is not using Whats App API or not attempting to replicate features of Whats App.

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We provide this information solely as an informational service to the Second Life community.

At that time, most people were familiar with citizens band radio, often abbreviated as CB radio, but multi-user chat and instant messaging were largely unknown.

One of the first online weddings occurred between *Miles Teg* and *Cinderella* on May 4, 1991.Compu Serve CB used the CB radio paradigm to help users understand the new concept.Like CB radio it had 40 "channels" and commands like "tune," "squelch," and "monitor." Compu Serve CB quickly became the largest single product on Compu Serve despite virtually no marketing.This was one of the first and only usage of a shared memory area, mapped to Basic-Plus virtual arrays, to keep track of a program usage.Using CB, you could communicate to other users across DECNET to other nodes of the system.

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The program was released as "freeware" as an add-on module (or "Door") for the popular RBBS-PC.

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