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Just see how those scripts rotate the logs and that's more than likely the best (or most correct) way to do it in your *NIX.

Although, as n3rd pointed out, you may want to rotate in line with the rest of the logs on your system.

And, as part of the largest dating network in Europe, we have all the knowledge to make your dating experience a successful one.

The home page provides access to the man documentation pages and some extra Samba documentation, including some complete books.

But maybe, it's easier to patch smbclient to get the old functionality back?

--- backuppc-3.3.0.orig/lib/Backup PC/Xfer/backuppc-3.3.0/lib/Backup PC/Xfer/@@ -217,7 217,7 @@ # This section is highly dependent on the version of smbclient.

Backup PC expects these per file lines to exist in the output, or Backup PC reports that no files were dumped for the share and marks good backups as Yes you're right, that was a typo - I have updated my post.

We probably still need to determine how to get the verbose file listing back from samba if possible.

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