Vtp status not updating

The MD5 digest is calculated using the revision number, domain name, and password to make sure the information in the VTP update can be trusted.I've seen issues where switches configured with the same domain and password, but the MD5 digest is not aligned until I update the VLAN database on the VTP server.

Both in the same VTP domain * Any new VLANs created on the server switch did not propagate to the client switch.

I did a test with 2 switches I had here in the office and set it up exactly as I had in the office but in PRODUCTION and the answer is NO... Once I did so the VLAN that was created before and didn't propagate to the client "did" once the password was removed.

I also created new vlans on the server switch to test and it propagated to the client.

This will force the switch to jump from revision 0 to whatever the current highest revision is and the database will be overwritten. A vtp advertisement is sent only when their is a change in the revision number.

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