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John Snider, vice president of retail logistics at Do it Best Corp.

Through automated, rules-based wave management and replenishment, American Hotel Register Company was able to eliminate manual sortation and create multiple, tailored options to proactively release orders by type.

Teamwork and communication play a major role in his management strategy.

Electronics manufacturer Siemens switches from air freight to over-the-road transport for cross-border shipments from Mexico to the United States and Canada, cutting 35 percent from its transportation costs thanks to CFI Logistica.

A system developed by The Smart Cube pulls and aggregates information from all Elizabeth Arden’s contract manufacturers, providing a consolidated, accurate view of data across the company’s supply chain.

The cosmetics giant now can see, in real time, the purchases its network of manufacturers makes on its behalf.

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Kelli’s Gift Shop Suppliers deployed Janam’s mobile computers and transformed its distribution center operations.

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