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Truman imagined just how hard Eisenhower’s evolution would be.

Even veterans eager to help him find themselves challenged not just by his unfamiliarity with the ways of Washington but also by his indifference to them. That means fewer people insured and higher premiums.Trump’s “big win” on taxes includes breaking a major campaign pledge to close a loophole that lets hedge fund managers pay a 15% tax rate - a broken promise that’s even angering his own die-hards: pic.twitter.com/39t4g HLli K President Obama warned in the 2010 SOTU that exactly this would happen. The guys will be answering your questions for a special holiday mailbag pod that will run on 12/26.Even he has shown some surprise at adopting his new identity, starting with his Oval Office meeting with Obama two days after his victory.“I will tell you, I really liked him, I think he liked me,” Trump told TIME a few weeks later.There was good chemistry.” That this followed a brutal campaign in which he had called Obama “the worst President” and Obama called Trump “unfit to serve” is not actually unusual, judging from past presidential handoffs.

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Dealing with reporters face-to-face will lead to better relationships.

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